Long running operations


The °neo platform supports a wide range of actions (or operations) that range from simple with an almost instant response, to more complex and taking more time where it could even depend on manual actions. The latter group of operations we call a "long running operation", or "LRO". By definition a LRO is a flow in °neo where the duration is longer than 500 milliseconds.

A challenge for any user is that with the absence of immediate feedback on these LROs, it is impossible to know whether an operation was successfully completed or failed, unless there is a mechanism to cater for feedback on these LROs.

The °neo platform has several ways to inform the user about the status of LROs, which are detailed in this section.

What does it do and how does it work?

A long running operation has four possible statuses

  • Started
  • In progress
  • Succeeded
  • Failed

Obviously, an operation in status "Succeeded" is what you would normally be after, and normal business flows are not impacted. However, it can occur that an operation ends with a status "Failed". There are numerous reasons why an operation might fail.

For instance, the operation violates a business validation. For instance, a payment on a loan is registered that exceeds the total pay up value of the loan.

Furthermore, it can be there is a rare technical failure that causes the operation to fail.

When an operation has failed, it can be important you:

  • Are aware that the operation failed
  • Understand why the operation failed

The °neo platform supports three options for you to be aware of any failed operation and the reason for failure.

Using the °neo public APIs

When you are using the °neo public APIs, you should be familiar with the x-request-id. The x-request-id is used in every API call you make and it can be used in our operation API to fetch the status of the operation. In the scenario of an operation "Failed" it will reflect so in the status. Furthermore, a reason for failure will be available for your analysis and allows you to take the proper action.

Using event subscription service

You can use the event subscription service to subscribe to the OperationCompleted event.

Using the °neo graphical user interface - alerts

For users that are using the °neo graphical user interface through our portals, we support the concept of Alerts.

List of long running operations supported

While for any operation you can use the operation API to fetch the status, not all operations at this point support the reason for failure and the creation of an "alert".

Below follows a list of operations that support the failure reason in the API response and create an alert in the graphical user interface when an operation failed. New operations will be supported on a regular basis.

Add costLending
Administration feeLending
Cancel paymentLending
Change end dateLending
Change final drawdown dateLending
Change limitLending
Create precomputed interest loanLending
Create revolving credit loanLending
Register paymentLending
Register payment holidayLending
Remove costLending
Write offLending

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