Manage a company


As banks face strict legal and regulatory requirements for maintaining complete and up-to-date data on their clients, °neo makes it easy for you to maintain and update company details.

In the Client Service Portal, you can update and edit company details anytime you need. The steps below describe how you can update the data of any persons already created in the system.

Update company details

To update a company’s details, you start from the Company 360° page.

From the Company 360° or Company details page, you click on the ‘Actions’ button in the top right corner and select 'Company'. This will bring you to the same screen as from the ‘Create Company’ process from where you can update the company data.

The same restrictions regarding mandatory fields and validation rules apply as in during the ‘Create Company’ process.

After updating the data and clicking 'Next: Summary', a summary tab with the changes is displayed. On this page you will be able to see the old and new values of all the updated data fields.

Depending on the configuration of the ‘Update Company’ process in the Configuration portal, once the changes are confirmed by you, the changes will either be implemented immediately, or an Approval Task will be created where a second user will need to confirm the changes. More information on the approval tasks can be found under Task management.

Manage company lifecycle

Each company has a status, which can change during the client lifecycle. Changing a client’s status can be done using the Lifecycle function which can be found under Action menu on the company:

Depending on the company’s current state certain status transitions are allowed and others are not. For example, a company that is not blocked cannot be unblocked. Below diagram gives an overview about the allowed state transitions:

Depending on the state transition that you are making, you will either get a popup where you need to confirm the state transition or a popup where you need to select a reason for the state transition (see below) example.

Depending on the set-up of the ‘Company lifecycle’ process in the Configuration portal, the transition will either be automatically processed or a task for approval will be generated.

Status and disabled actions

Depending on the company status certain actions will be restricted. In below table you can find which actions are restricted depending on the Company’s state:

Company statusRestricted action(s)
ApprovalCreate new loan
Update lifecycle
CancelledCreate new loan
Create guardian or ‘other’ relation
BlockedCreate new loan
FormerCreate new loan
Edit client details
Create guardian or ‘other’ relation
Create product relation
LiquidatedCreate new loan
Update lifecycle
Edit client details
Create product relation