Configuration sets


Configuration items are used to configurate the different parts of °neo. Combined on an environment, the configuration items make up a configuration set.

Each available environment has its own configuration set and can be managed individually. This allows you to safely test newly created configuration items and sets first on lower environments, before promoting the items and sets to the production environment.

While you can directly apply a new configuration item to your production environment, it is always recommended to thoroughly test and validate the configuration items and set on lower environments first.

Updating configuration sets

After you have created, copied, or updated configuration items, they are not immediately applied to any environment. Once a configuration item is created and ready to use, it requires you to apply it to an environment as part of the configuration set for that environment.

To apply the configuration item(s) you have created, navigate to the Environment details page and select ‘Configuration set’ in the Actions menu.

From here you will see the configuration items that are currently in use, and will also be able to update the configuration set by clicking ‘Add configuration item’.

You can search and select for the available and "Ready to use" configuration items in the list. One or more configuration items can be selected at a time. Note, for each configuration type only one item can be added to the configuration set.

By clicking Confirm configuration set, the selected configuration items are added to the overview list.

To confirm the update, you must proceed to the summary page and click Confirm. After this, the new configuration set will be applied to the environment.

Manual task (including four eyes)

Depending on the workflow configuration for “Apply configuration set”, a task will be created and shows on the dashboard. The configuration set will only be applied after the task has been approved.