Introduction to °neo

Bringing Core Banking to Life

The °neo cloud platform is a SaaS native core banking platform that is easy to use and implement. It is built using modern technology. The °neo cloud platform is a lean, open, microservices-based and event-driven cloud native core banking platform consisting of 2 product engines (lending and accounts), a payment gateway and client data management. The open character of the °neo cloud platform facilitates easy integration with other systems. The APIs are well documented and easy to use. The microservices and event-driven architecture enables easy expansion of functionalities when needed.

As a tenant or user of the °neo SaaS solution you have two ways to interact with the platform.

Configuration Portal

First the °neo platform has a Configuration Portal. With this no code solution you can easily setup your environments, do user management, set custom fields, product templates and more. To keep an overview your Kanban board helps you manage your configuration adjustments and approvals. Check out the information on the configuration portal to explore!

Client Service Portal

The second way to interact is via the Client Service Portal. This is your loan and account management portal that also comes with a Kanban board to manage your tasks. Here you can perform several tasks on a person or company level like managing accounts, loans, add relations and more. The documentation on the Client Service Portal will get you on your way.