°neo makes it easy for you to navigate across the Client Service Portal. With the header bar, you are able to quickly switch between visited pages, search for customers, or navigate back to the start page so that you can work more efficiently.

Header bar

All pages in the Client Service Portal display a header spanning across the top of the screen. The Header bar contains of 3 elements:


On the top left corner, the word '°neo' is displayed. The word °neo is clickable and redirects you back to the start page(Dashboard) of the Client Service Portal.

Search Box

In the middle of the header there is a search box. This is a global search which allows you to look up both Persons, Companies, Loans and Accounts in the system. To perform a search, you simply need to type a search term and confirm. The search bar will also show the history of the last entities that you have opened.

Create button

Next to the Search Box there is a ‘Create +’ by clicking this button a dropdown opens where you can create new Person, Companies, Loans and Accounts.

User Avatar & logout

On the top right corner there is an avatar with the initials of the user that is currently logged in. If you are logged into your account, your initials will be displayed. By clicking on the on the avatar User card is opened and a user can Log out.

Keyboard Accessibility

°neo can both used by mouse or keyboard. The standard way of navigating using the keyboard are Tab (next field), shift + Tab (previous field), Enter (select), Esc (close) and arrows (navigate up/down/left/right). Next to that the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

ActionKeyboard shortcut
Go to °neo logoAlt + Shift + D
Go to search boxAlt + Shift + F