°neo makes it easy for you to navigate across the Configuration Portal. With the action menu in the top right corner, you are able to quickly navigate between the main sections of the Configuration Portal, such as Configuration Items, Environments, and Users. These sections are described in more detail below.


Under the Actions menu, the different options to configure are available.

Action Item


Configuration items

Configure the different configuration items in the system.


Manage the configurations of the different environments that are available.


An overview of the users and manage access roles and user groups.

Configuration items

There are different types of configuration items, each with a specific functional focus. The current configuration types are:

Item Type


Reference data

Allows you to configure reference data, workflows configuration, mandatory field set-up and document folders.

Custom fields

Allows you to add or change custom fields and sections as part of the person and company entities.

Access roles and permissions

Allows users of the Client Service Portal or the Public APIs access to certain functional parts of °neo.


In the environments section, there is an overview of the available environments. In the columns the name, status and other meta data is shown. Upon clicking the name of the environments, you navigate to the specific environment details.



In the users section, you are able to see an overview of all users (including disabled), with reference to access roles & user groups membership.


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