Service accounts


Service accounts are used to direct transactions on accounts through Accounts. For instance, a counter account can be used on the transaction schemes to direct incoming and outgoing payments to and from Accounts. Alternatively, an error account is used as a fallback account in case a transaction cannot be completed in the happy flow (e.g. an account cannot be found, or is closed).

Configure a service account

Service accounts are the only accounts that are possible to create through the UI in the Configuration Portal. That means, only accounts for products that:

  • Either have the service behavior “counter account” or “error account”
  • Are of feature type CashAccount
  • Is published
Product templateChoose from the product templates that have service behavior “counter account” or “error account”.
Account numberProvide an alphanumeric account number
CurrencyDenotes the main currency of the account.
Tax exempt stateIs used to indicate what whether tax is paid on the product. This does not have effect on the way °neo Accounts works. Overwrites the value that is specified on the product template
Fee handlingDenotes whether any fees are added to the account or to a linked account. Overwrites the value that is specified on the product template.
External portfolio idUsed as additional identifier to “link” the account to an external account.
Open sub accountsSee how to set up multi-currency products .
DepartmentSelect the department for which to create the account.
UnitSelect the unit for which to create the account