°neo settings refers to the workflow configurations, mandatory fields, and document folder settings.

Settings items

To set up a new configuration of settings, you can navigate to the configuration items using the action menu in the top right corner of the Configuration Portal, clicking on ‘Configuration Items’, then clicking ‘New’ > ‘Settings’.

From here you will see a number of sections and fields to be populated.

In the configuration item for settings, several items can be configured.

WorkflowsConfigure the different workflows.
Person fieldsConfigure which person fields are mandatory on the person.
Company fieldsConfigure which company fields are mandatory on the company.
System settingsConfigure various system settings.

In the section workflows, the behavior of the different workflows can be configured.

The workflows are divided into groups. The individual parts of the workflow that can be configured are predefined.

Some workflows will have more parts to be configured compared to others, for example, Create person can be configured to also include a document and email generation.

Manual task
A manual task in a workflow indicates a user has to approve a task for the workflow to continue.

A task has the following characteristics.

NameThe visual name of the task in the customer service portal.
4-eyesWhether the task requires a second person to approve the task.
Assign toThe default user group to which the task will be assigned.

Person fields
In the section, you can indicate which fields on a person entity are mandatory.

Company fields
In the section, you can indicate which fields on a company entity are mandatory.

System settings
The section system settings is divided into two.

Display settings
It can be configured how the search results are displayed in the Client Service Portal.

Document settings
It can be configured which file types are allowed to be uploaded and what the maximum document size is.

Moreover, the document folders on the person and company level can be created and defined.