Add a mandate


The °neo platform allows you to add direct debit mandates to a loan. On the Loan 360° you will only see the current active mandate on the loan. If the mandate has been removed from the product, or a new mandate has been added, you will not be able to see the full history of old mandates on the loan.


Note: it is not possible to add a new mandate if there is an existing active mandate, or if there is an old mandate relation that is now has a cancelled status. To add a new mandate, you must first delete mandate relation.

Adding a mandate

From the Loan 360° overview page, either by clicking on the ‘Actions’ button in the top right corner and selecting ‘Mandate’ or by scrolling to the Mandate tab of the Details section, you can add a mandate to an existing loan.

When adding a mandate to a loan, a side pane will open on the Loan 360° where you will have to fill in the details of the mandate. You will be able to either create a new mandate, or add an existing mandate to the loan (e.g., a mandate that was registered through public API or was signed for another loan).

If you want to create a new mandate, then you will have to fill in the id and direct debit processor of the mandate.

If you want to add an existing mandate to the loan, then you can select the ‘use existing mandate’ toggle, and you will be prompted to just fill in the mandate id. The direct debit processor will be autofilled with the information that is stored for the existing mandate.

After you have entered all the necessary properties of the mandate, you will be able to confirm by clicking the ‘Add mandate’ button at the bottom of the side pane.

Depending on the configuration of the ‘Add mandate’ process in the Configuration Portal , once the changes are confirmed, they will either be implemented immediately, or an approval task will be created where a second user needs to confirm the changes. More information on the approval tasks can be found under Task Management .


The mandate is now created and will be displayed under the mandate section on the details section of the Loan 360°.