Reference Data


°neo reference data refers to the standard set of client and product data that come ‘out of the box’ with the platform. On top of the standard reference data, there are some topics that allow you to create your own reference data and enable/disable the available values for the topic.

Reference data items

To set up a new configuration of reference data, you can navigate to the configuration items using the action menu in the top right corner of the Configuration Portal, clicking on ‘Configuration Items’, then clicking ‘New’ > ‘Reference Data’.

Reference data topics

Reference data in °neo is used for data where choice can be made from a limited number of options only. An example is “Company legal forms”.

Out of the box, °neo comes with a list of Dutch and UK company legal forms as reference data, that can be used on Company entities.


Note: Only reference data topics that can be modified by the user are listed here. The total number of available reference data topics is larger.

Enable/Disable reference data
As part of the configuration, a user is allowed to enable or disable the available values for a reference data topic. This can be done either in bulk or on an individual basis. By default, when creating a new item, all system values are enabled, all custom values are disabled.

Create new reference data values
For some reference data topics a user is allowed to create additional values. For instance, for the Company legal forms, the German GmbH, or “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” can be created.

A value name and key are mandatory. Once the configuration item is created, the key cannot be changed anymore and a newly created value cannot be deleted anymore (however they can be disabled).